Basket Analysis

Affinity analysis and association rule learning enables uncover the associations and connection between products.


UJAS® Analytics Includes

UJAS® Retail Analytics Business Intelligence has a unique innovative data model that processes transaction data over a period of time to provide insights about customers purchasing behavior, store performance, and products/affinity rules across each store of retail operator.

Market Basket Analysis has helped our partners gain insight that enables them to:

  • Organize store layout
    • Place products that are often bought together close to one another to improve the customer shopping experience.
  • Enrich content placement or products in e-commerce website catalogue.
  • Enhance inventory planning for promotions
    • Plan inventory requirements of affinity products along with the promotional products.
  • Improve inventory distribution.
  • Enhance in-store marketing
    • Target consumers who buy one product with offers on other product to encourage them to spend more on their shopping basket.
  • Improve conversion ratio of targeted marketing campaigns
    • Send promotional email/mail to consumers on products that are likely to be interesting to them based on consumer behavior and affinity products.