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Our Services

We have a strong team of Data Dreamers with extensive industry experience!!!

Data Engineering

Managing complex, high volume, and variety of data to stay ahead of compitators.

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Business Intelligence

Make informed decision utilizing visual insights, dashboards and analytical reports.

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Data Science

Identifying patterns by utilizing statistical techniques, and mathematical modelling.

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Retail Analytics

UJAS® Retail Analytics Business Intelligence solution helps retailers make astute decisions. Use preconfigured reports and dashboards to make timely decisions...

Demand Forecasting

Forward-thinking decision makers now require the use of mathematical processes to support the strategic and tactical planning.

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Product Assortment

Some products are magnets that bring customers while others have profit margins that justify their inclusion.

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Promotion Performance

Decide the optimal duration of a promotion, the appropriate depth of discount, the right seasonality, and the best vehicle.

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Inventory Optimization

Inventory management, allocation, and replenishment processes ensures retailers get right product at the right place at the right time.

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Basket Analysis

Affinity analysis and association rule learning enables uncover the associations and connection between products.

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Customer Segmentation

Stay a step ahead of competitors and identify new products that current/prospective customers could be interested in.

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