Corporate Accountability

We will continue to fight against unconscious biases and marketplace injustices that are perpetuated out of convenience.

We are ensuring intersectional representation across all future hiring.

Compensation and Promotions – We are committed to have a pay equity in our hiring, compensation and promotion processes. We periodically evaluate our internal processes to ensure no unconscious bias exists in our compensation and promotion practices.

Equity Programs – We have an ongoing commitment to implement mentorship and training programs focused on equity to ensure opportunities to succeed. We will continue to enlist outside resources to guide us and identify additional programs. In early 2023 we re-organized our DE&I internal team to include separate leads and teams for Diversity and Equity and Inclusion who will all focus on best practices within their specific scope. This initiative requires ongoing analysis to come up with meaningful recommendations.

Support and Education – We will continue to support employee resource groups to continue to support and educate each other.

Matching – To support the generosity and community involvement of our team members, we are currently matching donations made by any team member to organizations that are making the world a better place.

We are proud to provide year-round support for charitable volunteering and donation, including a paid Volunteer Day each calendar year for employees to donate their time to a charitable organization of their choosing.

We may make mistakes along the way but know that we will lean on our core values and the council of our internal and external resources to guide us. In the face of a changing world, the Qvest team is committed to making business better for all participants.

The VeriVal® Difference

At VeriVal®, we build technologists who lead with empathy, and leaders who are driven to help each other succeed. We are passionate about being the best. Work with Fortune 500 companies, build with the latest technology, grow your skills – and still be at home for dinner.