UJAS Retail Analytics Business Intelligence solution enables decision makers be in a prime position to design, execute, and track the best promotional programs for every class. The dashboards and reports provides insight on promotion performance, impact of performance, and an overall lift due to performance that includes:

  • Sales performance
  • Markdowns
  • Halo
    • Occurs when promoting one item influences customer to purchase another item
  • Cannibalization
    • Occus when promoted item increasing its own sales but, decreasing the sale of another item in the same category
  • Pull-forward
    • Occurs when consumers see a price of a commodity they regularly purchase, which has a long shelf life go on promotion

Promotion Performance dashboard and reports have been utilized by our partners for:

  • Promotion strategies and tactics that drive the most ROI.
  • Reallocate promotions between types for greater sales and profit impact.
  • Promotional events across products and markets.
  • Promotion strategy variation for new products vs. existing business.
  • Timing of promotion events to maximize response.
  • Promotion halo and/or cannibalization effects.