UJAS Retail Analytics Business Intelligence solution data model allows dynamic grouping of products to optimize cross-selling and revenue opportunities. "Succeeding in the retail business means being good on a number of dimensions -- service, pricing, marketing, and location selection (in the case of bricks & mortar stores), But assortment in retailing is number one," say former managing director of Aldi, Dieter Brandes, and Nils Brandes in "The Importance Of Managing Your Assortment!" (Harvard Business Review Forum, The Future of Retail).

Product assortment planning enables our partners provide more consistent product offering, most profitable mix of products, and pleasant shopping experience to the consumer, with the goal to:

  • Gain valuable insights into how competitive their product mix really is.
  • Increase sales, margin and inventory productivity.
  • Compare and analyze competitive product assortment with respect to market changes, demand variations, introduction and deranging of products.
  • Avoid costly mistakes by analyzing and projecting product assortment needs in advance.
  • Identify new opportunities around changes in product mix, potential cost reduction, and effects on the bottom line.