Demand Forecasting

Forward-thinking decision makers now require the use of mathematical processes to support the strategic and tactical planning.

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Product Assortment

Some products are magnets that bring customers while others have profit margins that justify their inclusion.

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Promotion Performance

Deciding the right duration of a promotion, the appropriate depth of discount, the right seasonality, and the best vehicle.

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Inventory Optimization

Inventory management, allocation, and replenishment processes enables retailers get right product at the right place at the right time.

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Market Basket Analysis

Affinity analysis and association rule learning enables uncover the associations and connection between products.

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Customer Segmentation

Stay a step ahead of competitors and identify new products that current/prospective customers could be interested in.

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How UJAS® Retail Analytics solution helps decision makers

Web Design


Get bird eye view across all channels on inventory, product performance, customer loyalty and financials.

Web Design


Make crucial decisions at a fast pace to seize opportunities, manage relationships and maximize inventory performance.

Email Marketing


Use analytics-driven planning to make more profitable merchandise planning decisions.

Corportate Solutions


Quickly determine optimal merchandise placement from both location and item perspectives.

Ready to go in three easy steps…

  •   Engage  
  •   Plan  
  •   Implement  

Data Dreamers at VeriVal works closely with our partners to understand the business need, priority and alignment with UJAS Retail Analytics platform. During the engagement Data Dreamers tries to analyze:

  • Business case analysis
  • Initative priotization
  • Competitive analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Industry best pratics

Based on the outcome of the engagement with our partners Data Dreamers gets involved in planning and review to meet our partners business objectives. As a process of planning Data Dreamers considers planning and reviewing:

  • Process review
  • Technology infrastructure review
  • Integration opportunities
  • Priotize features/function
  • Data source review and identification

Now is the time for action, Data Dreamers rolls up their sleaves to integration and rollout activities that include:

  • Data integration
  • Data integraty validation
  • Configure UJAS Retail Analytics
  • Integration/User acceptance testing
  • User Training and rollout
  • Enhancements and continous support

Some Highlights

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