Architecting multi-dimensional universe of Big Data

With the increase in complexity, volume, and verity of data modern companies are finding it hard to cope with this wave of change that is resulting in widening the gap between the company's "data" and the actual "decisions" which are being made.

VeriVal’s architects and data dreamers have engineered methodology to use distributed computing and other related technologies (parallel processing, massively parallel processing etc.), along with the modern NOSQL technology, in order to store, manage and analyze massive amounts of data or information which cannot be done using traditional tools and techniques using open-source and proprietary tools. We serve our partners utilizing the below technologies:

  • Hadoop
  • Teradata
  • SQL Server PDW

While designing and architecting Big Data solutions Data Dreamers at VeriVal emphasis on:


The volume of important stored data at a given point of time that must be captured in terms of flow.


The speed of execution, analysis, and decision making of the data that is being captured.


The variety of heterogeneous data being captured from internal and external sources.


The accuracy of data in terms of reliability and quality that is being captured and processed.


The value of data being captured and processed, and the return on investment arising from the analysis of the data.


The visibility that captured and processed data brings as "a single version of truth" across the company for analysis.


The visual method of representation captured and processed data, as "a picture is worth a thousand words".


The opportunities by interpretation of data that provides management a mean to scale and grow business.

Other Services We Provide

We have a strong team of Data Dreamers with extensive industry experience!!!

Data Integration

Data Integration

The capture, cleansing, management, transformation, and loading of data builds the backbone.

Data Management

Data Management

The management of structured and unstructured data that is complex and large to act upon.



The vision, ability to predict from available data, and plan the future is a key to success.

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